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Topic: Supply Chain Profession

Part 1a

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posts Are to be answered seperatley

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Hello Class,
For this week’s forum discussion, I chose to cover the supply chain profession.  With this being the eighth and final week of this course, I look forward to seeing the discussion posts from my classmates.  The supply chain encompasses the entire process and network of people, agencies, and commodities from initial request requisition, to aggregation of materials, to forwarding of goods and people to its necessary destination for use.  The supply chain profession sees the engagement of vehicle operators, warehouse managers, customer support, information technology, executive officers, and more, in the execution of the tasks necessary for the endeavor.   There are many factors that influence the supply chain profession at all levels.  One factor is the labor market.  The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a seven percent job growth from 2016 to 2016 (BLS.gov, Apr 2018)  This is considered as being “fast as average.”  (BLS.gov, Apr 2018)  The Bureau also shows that a typical entry level education is a bachelor’s degree.  This makes many potential individuals wanting to enter this profession have to compete with a high level of competency and education.  
Another factor is job knowledge and safety.  Many aspects have hazardous situations that would require safety and hazardous communications training for professionals to mitigate potential dangers such as lifting safety, mechanized material handling equipment operation, and hazardous materials.  Additionally, North Carolina State University lists some changes within the field.  “Changing nature of customer/supplier relationships and alliances; the growth and use of the internet to facilitate e-business; significant reductions in staffs; focus on strategic goals related to cost/value; the evolution of supply chain management as an integrated competitive business strategy, and the contribution of purchasing to this strategy; and the uncertainty brought about by 9/11 in a time when nothing can be taken for granted.”  (NCSU.egu, 2002)  Thank you.


We have arrived in the last of class and I wanted to express that it has been great working with you all these past eight weeks. The Supply Chain Profession is not an easy profession to be in. Endless hours, being able to prioritize and having a strong leadership attributes are necessities that must be present when choosing this profession. 
“Despite the numerous different job classifications and titles within the supply chain profession (e.g., logistics manager, supply chain director, procurement manager, vice president of distribution, operations manager, director of global trade), these professionals all share common goals and face similar challenges” (Blanchard, p. 228, 2010). 
Holding one of these positions is not an employment opportunity which is a mindless nine to five. These positions must be filled with true professionals, who invest their passion into their position. Strong leadership traits are a necessity as a lot depends on these managers to guide their staff into the right direction and give their management adequate insight and advice on how things should be. The company decision makers are depending on their subject matter expert opinions when it comes to their specific area within a supply chain. If the leadership is not present to guide and share knowledge the company usually is not able to survive for the long haul. 
Not everyone is fit to work in the supply chain profession and only true professionals who are able to conduct several tasks at one time, and who are able to focus on the important issues rather than all of the issues are going to be the ones who will make a company’s supply chain a success.