2 pages report on paper [Doyle91] B. Doyle, B. Fishbein, and K. Mistry, “NBTI-enhanced hot carrier damage in p-channel MOSFETs,” Proc. Intl. Electron Devices Meeting, 1991, pp. 529-532A.

your selected paper title and the next line should be the authors of the paper you are reviewing, and finally the next line should contain where and when it was published.Your abstract (between 35 and 60 words, not the abstract of the paper, but an abstract of your report).

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An introduction section, which describes the general overview or background for the paper, which is not to exceed one paragraph. 
The largest section describes the key technical contents of the paper. This is just a paragraph or two for both the MS students and undergraduates. Remember, the whole report is limited to one page. MS students should include an additional PowerPoint presentation that is a title slide, 2 or 3 slides with bulleted topics(not full sentences, short one line notes) from your report and a couple of key figures from the paper and a description of those figures. Be sure to provide any key significantly relevant equations. Not all of the equations in the paper are key to the main topic of the paper. 
The evaluation section should identify any potentially interesting references within the paper, if there are any. The evaluation section must answer these questions: Is the paper clearly written? Was the paper interesting? Was the work original? Are all of the key concepts clearly present? Is it technically sound? Is the math correct? Are the claims supported by evidence? Are the tables and figures clear and relevant to the paper? Are the limitations of the method presented? Are there sufficient references to prior work? Is the idea in this paper compared or contrasted with other work? Is the English satisfactory? What would you change? Is it too long or too short?
 Your report should include a summary section.