Article Review and reflection

Article Review and Reflection (FEAPs 2, 3, 8)
Professionals read and keep current in their fields by reading journal articles and relating them to their practice.
Directions: You will select, read, and review a journal article that relates to a major topic covered in the course competencies for EDF 1005. This includes history, finance, ethics, and governance. You must:

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Select a journal article written within the past five years that discusses a major topic covered in EDF 1005.  The article must be a minimum of three pages in length.
Write a summary of the article. Then write your opinion of the article’s viewpoint.  Include how the article relates to the topics in EDF 1005.
Use APA format to cite any ideas and reflections in your summary that are represented in the article.
Do not write more than three (3) pages.
Attach a copy of the article with your review/reflection.

Suggestions:You can go to any campus library to find an article  Do not choose an article from a newspaper or news magazine.  Instead, select from educational resources for more in-depth coverage of topics.  To submit a copy of the article, you can scan it or attach an electronic copy.  Submit the copy to the same dropbox with your activity.  If you have any difficulties, as a backup option, you can fax the article to your instructor at the fax number available on the syllabus.