Chapter 2 AssgStart Assignment Read chapter 2 in the textbook. Respond to the questions found in the link below. Upload completed work to CANVAS. Thanks! EDU 668 Chapter 2 Assignment Part I Divers

Chapter 2 AssgStart Assignment

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Read chapter 2 in the textbook.  Respond to the questions found in the link below.  Upload completed work to CANVAS.  Thanks! 

EDU 668

Chapter 2 Assignment

Part I Diversity Issues

1.  Diversity in the U.S. society has doubled in recent years.  Many describe the increase in population of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos as creating a ‘salad-bowl’ affect in the country.  Each ethnicity may be represented by a garden vegetable, combined into a salad, somewhat blended, but each ethnicity still retaining its identity.  As teachers we are charged with the great responsibility of educating ALL children, taking into account diversity, English-language learners, and those with disabilities. 

            (a)  Study Figure 2.1 in the textbook on Diversity Issues and the effects of poverty on school performance 1959-2000.  How has the performance changed for each ethnic group over this time period?  Notice the disparity between whites and black/Hispanic in the year 2000.  These two groups are basically 3 times more likely to exhibit poor school performance.

                        1.  Black _____________

                        2.  Hispanic___________

                        3.  Asian _____________

                        4.  White____________­

            (b)  What are the implications of these figures for you, as a teacher candidate? 

2.  How might language differences place a child in jeopardy of being diagnosed as having ID?

3.  How might the environmental circumstances of cultural diversity have such an adverse influence on human development that they help cause intellectual disability?

Part II

Personnel Philosophy

  1. Personal Philosophy. Construct a two-page PERSONAL philosophy of your thoughts, emotions, expectations, and knowledge of students with intellectual disability.  Do NOT copy information from the text or other sources.  This is YOUR personal philosophy.