Codes that are widely used for services and procedures are found in Category

Answer all 20 questions and send them back to me- must make sure ALL answers are correct and get it back to me in the next 3 hours1. Modifier -78 indicates a/anA. unplanned return to the OR.B. emergency room procedure.C. ambulance service.D. distinct dental procedure.

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2. Modifier -92 indicates a/an
A. anesthesia administration.B. multiple service.C. mandated procedure.D. laboratory test included a kit or a transportable instrument.
3. An unrelated procedure in the postoperative period is indicated with modifier
A. -81.B. -47.C. -52.D. -79.
4. Modifier -33 indicates a
A. preventive service.B. reduced anesthesia.C. bilateral procedure.D. blood pressure screening.
5. A surgical procedure named after a person is called a/an
A. synonym.B. antonym.C. eponym.D. pseudonym.
6. Staged or related procedures are indicated with
A. add-on code 65239.B. modifier -58.C. add-on code A1C.D. modifier -51.
7. Right and left triangles indicate a
A. code correction.B. change in the text description.C. deleted code.D. new modifier.
8. Modifier -77 indicates a
A. required service.B. multiple procedure.C. repeat procedure performed by another physician.D. bundled service.
9. Modifier -59 indicates a/an _______ procedure.
A. reducedB. abbreviatedC. distinctD. bilateral
10. Appendix E includes a list of
A. medical supplies.B. CPT codes exempt from modifier -51.C. commonly prescribed medications.D. clinical examples.
11. A significant separately identifiable E/M service is indicated with a/an
A. add-on code 52.B. modifier -23.C. modifier -25.D. optional code 2523.
12. Dr. Brown stops a surgical procedure due to the patient’s reaction to anesthesia. What modifier code is appended to the CPT code?
A. -53 for discontinued procedureB. -13 for abbreviated serviceC. -1 for reduced timeD. -97 for reduced anesthesia service
13. Vascular families can be found in Appendix
A. G.B. L.C. A.D. M.
14. What function does the times symbol (×) indicate?
A. Code deletionB. EachC. SingleD. Multiple
15. The modifier for the assistant surgeon is
A. -59.B. -74.C. -32D. -82.
16. Codes 22305–22325 demonstrate an example of a/an
A. multiple code set.B. range of codes.C. alternate code set.D. single code span.
17. Modifier -54 indicates
A. specialized services were provided.B. only the surgical care portion.C. bilateral procedures were performed.D. two surgeons worked simultaneously.
18. When general anesthesia is administered in lieu of local or regional anesthesia, the coder would assign
A. modifier -23.B. modifier -77.C. code 95222.D. code 99059.
19. The triangle symbol in CPT indicates a
A. new code for a procedure or service.B. code that requires a modifier.C. code has been changed or modified in some way.D. code that requires a descriptor.
20. The codes that are widely used for services and procedures are found in Category
A. IV.B. III.C. II.D. I.