Creating a New Society


  1. Name of your country
  2. Your country’s “values statement” – Come up with a sentence or two that captures your country’s commitment to gender equality and to looking at ethical dilemmas through an ethics of care lens. (You can think of a value statement like a marketing slogan or a headline). 
  3. Definition of gender equality, more or less in your own words, but include a citation from this week’s material. Your people need to understand what you mean when you say to them “there will be no gender inequality anywhere in our land!”
  4. Definition of ethics of care, more or less in your own words, but include a citation from this week’s material. Your people need to understand how you expect ethical questions to be approached.  
  5. Pick THREE issues where you know there is gender inequality in other countries. Your aim is to ensure that in your country, when looking at these three issues, gender equality will be evident! Include specific examples of inequality in other places, the expectation in your new land, at at least one law, rule or expectation that will help ensure equity related to that issue. 
    • Example: “Financial/Economic EQUALITY. Unlike in other countries on earth, where men receive more compensation than women for the same work (Widdows 327), in our new land laws will be in place that will require employers disclose all salary information to help ensure men and women are paid equally for comparable work. In addition, we will provide free job training for women or men who fall behind in their careers by taking time off to raise children and we will raise our children, boys and girls, in a culture that promotes and expects fair economic treatment for everyone.” 

Note: You may use Financial/Economic equality on your poster/essay, but you may not use my examples – pick something elseA partial list of potential issues: employment, education, family roles, health, judicial system, aging, housing, violence, abuse, sexual harassment, reproduction, social relationships, childcare, child rearing, safety…

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6. Close by providing your people with instructions for how to approach an ethical dilemma using an ethics of care lens. When trying to answer a Big Question to determine the right course of action, what questions should they ask? Who should be included?