Ethnic Studies

Please be sure that this assignment is of a High School Seniors work. 

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This assignment is to be done in MLA Format. No grammar errors. No Plagiarism.

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Assign 1.3.1 – Evaluating Internet Sources
How valid and reliable are your resources? 

** The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your internet savvy.  Show me you understand how to use internet sources.  Can you determine if internet sources are legitimate, factual, and objective, providing you with reliable information OR are the sources you use taking advantage of your internet ignorance? 

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Assignment details:

1)Search for three articles (Use the links @ on the weblink to access site) dealing with ethnicity, ethnic diversity, ethnic identity, ethnic group, multiculturalism, or race in America . OR, you can find your own articles dealing with ethnicity, diversity, ethnic identity, ethnic group, multiculturalism, race, etc. in America.

2) Evaluate each article using the following questions:

  • Is the information relevant to my needs?
  • Is the source of information reliable and credible?
  • Is the information presented in an objective manner?
  • Is the information current and accurate?
  • Be sure to to go back to the first page of the lesson – Evaluating Internet Sources and look under instructions to get the complete set of evaluation questions. Also, use:
  • Evaluating Internet Sources at  and
  • Citing Sources  at
  1. How To Write Up Your Work & Turn it in:
    • ****Write a summary of each article explaining what the article was about (5 points for all three summaries)
    • After each summary, write an evaluation of the Internet source this article was from.  Be sure your evaluation of the source includes the answers to the 3 main questions and all of the sub-questions located on the Evaluating Sources page under Instructions (5 points for all three evaluations)
    • After each article source evaluation write a complete source (a.k.a.-bibliography) citation. 
    • *** Review the How To Cite Internet Resources weblinkUse MLA format (5 points for all three citations) 
    • use the example in the previous file link What is an Annotated Bibliography