Final business

I’m attaching a file that tell you what to do. I’m also attaching some old work so you have a better understanding about my business. (please, make sure to write something professional and not dirty)

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– A little bit about my business:

It’s an online sex shop called “SexLab” we do sell sex products, but our main focus is on sexual wellness and education. The connection between body, mind, and pleasure is a need for every human being.
I’m going to start a business focusing on people who want to explore their bodies and sexuality. . We all need to work on our mindsets and sexuality by ourselves before we can share them with others.
So, I would say my target right now is people who:
– Feel insecure about their body
– Want to be sexual educated
– Want to explore their body/sexuality
– Willing to explore new experiences and improve their life
My main competitors would be:
Honney Birdette has both a physical store and an online store. This is an amazing brand with beautiful lingerie and classic sex toys, but they only sell products. I’m gonna be selling products and education/ lifestyle.
Kamalab, it’s an app focused on sexual wellness, educating people about their own body and sexuality. (The exact same idea, but without selling products)