Please answer the questions below. You may and should use secondary data sources to support your answers and provide relevant background information. Each answer should be approximately 2-3 pages do

Please answer the questions below. You may and should use secondary data sources to support your answers and provide relevant background information.Each answer should be approximately 2-3 pages double spaced

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1.) Many consumers trust their medical supply needs to Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is very clear as to its mission and commitment to the health and safety of its customers. The company is often cited as an example of how to do things right with respect to relations with customers and the public. Johnson & Johnson has gone so far as to construct a company credo that it features on its Web site (see : Our Company: Our Credo Values ( 

a. Assume that you have just been hired as a customer relations expert by Johnson & Johnson to answer a growing number of complaints that JNJ products are over-priced and have lost their sense of value  for  the  consumer. The complainants cite lower priced  private  labels  and  store brands as illustrations of frustrations with JNJ. As one consumer states, “A band aid is just a band aid after all!” What would be your response? 

b. How could you use the Johnson & Johnson Credo to aid you in your response? 

c. What does the JNJ credo say about the company’s commitment to ethical behavior?

2.) Find three advertisements that illustrate the needs for power, affiliation and achievement and discuss their effectiveness.  (Each advertisement should depict one of the three needs.) Which one do you like most and why?

3.) Two of the best advertising effectiveness research agencies are Nielsen (see and MRI-Simmons  (see Each of these organizations has their own approach to analyzing the communication effectiveness of advertising. Go to both of the Websites, review the material that you find, and write a brief summary of the services provided by the two organizations. Next, pick an area of consumer or advertising research that interests you. See which of the organizations provides the best information to research your chosen subject. Comment on what you found.