prepare a intervention plan

To develop and evaluate an intervention plan that addresses the changes in Akira’s behavior.

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Akira, age 3, always arrived at school with a broad smile and an eagerness to begin playing. However, for the past week he has been arriving in a tearful state almost every morning. He says “that nothing is wrong” when asked why he is crying. As Akira’s teacher, you record your observations on the daily attendance form.    Recently, you have also noted that Akira has shown little interest in any art activities. This was always one of his favorite things to do but now he seems to spend more time alone in the book corner. In addition, the slightest negative comment or request often causes Akira to become angry and to overreact. He has also become aggressive (e.g., hitting, pushing, and taking away toys) toward the other children, which is not characteristic for Akira. You are deeply concerned and determined to learn what circumstances may be causing these troubling behaviors, so you begin to formulate a plan.
Focus Assignment
1. Complete the first step of your plan by briefly identifying behaviors that are uncharacteristic for Akira and describing why these are problematic. Outline the steps you would take to determine what may be causing or contributing to Akira’s recent behavioral changes. In addition, briefly discuss what effect these negative behaviors could have on his developmental and learning processes.2. Be sure to read the REFLECTION section below to guide your thinking. Write your refection response after you have completed your plan.

1. For each item on your intervention plan:       a. Explain how this item relates to issues in the scenario.    2. Describe and justify how your intervention plan will improve teaching and learning in the scenario.