Prof_Marcos A.

 write a letter addressing the Board for a fine of 1000$. This is a association that is charging the homeowners 1000$ fine for a roof that was supposed to be clean. The issue is that according to the association they sent multiple letter to the homeowners requesting the roof to be clean but the homeowners never received those letters so they were not aware of the issue. Association sent certified letters also to the homeowners but the assosiation never received proof back that the homeowner received the letter bc those letters were never deliver to the homeowners. Also the roof wasn’t able to be clean because the roof had damage and leaks so to clean the roof at that time was impossible now the homeowners are under contract and already have a permit and working on getting the entire roof replace. All the documentation was provided to the homeowners association so they are aware of that. Homeowners haven’t been able to make payments to the association because the fine is blocking that option on the system. So basically this letter is to convince the board to please remove that fine since homeowners were never aware of the situation and that they are already working in the process of changing their roof. The letter needs to be very professional and convincing. also add that you as a homeowner took a day off to go to the association office and talked to Corinne about this issue a few months ago and she suggested to go to the board meeting  but after waiting many weeks the meeting was canceled very last minute and it was never informed to you. that you also suggested to get a lawyer to work on your behalf regarding this issue but she suggested to talk to the board first and that you would like to take care of this situation as soon as possible. 

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if you need more directions please let me know!! thanks