This assignment is intended to allow you to find information on any composers, performers, teachers, etc. that you find interesting. You can choose ANYONE you like, so long as they are or have been involved in some aspect of music-making. Follow the directions on Moodle in order to complete these assignments. TWO (2) of these completed reports are required to get full credit for this assignment. Listed below are some additional guidelines.
Guidelines for Composer/Performer Reports1. Choose someone you find interesting in the world of music. All types of music and musicians are fair game including, but not limited to, classical, popular, folk, or any type of world music. If you have a question about the person you have chosen to research, ask the instructor.
2. Yes, you may use Wikipedia and other internet sources like for your research, but you must use AT LEAST ONE OTHER SOURCE IN ADDITION TO WIKIPEDIA. If the person you are researching is a local musician, you can also include personal interviews as a way to obtain information.

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