Rational Fractions

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Chapter 13 Programming Exercise #10 Page 983
Additional Requirements
Use a template so the class works with any kind of number (i.e. int, float, double)
fractionType num1(5, 6);
fractionType num1(5.1, 6.2);
Tip:   get your class working with integer values first for numerator and denominator and convert to a template after it is working with ints.   When converting to a template you may need to move all of your implementation into the .h header file.      
You are to write a C++ program that meets the instruction requirements above. Use the assignment template to insert the assignment deliverables outlined above.

A description of your program.
Your C++ source code (do not submit screen shots).
A screenshot of your program running.
A short reflection outlining your experience developing the program.

Assignment Rubric
Grading Criteria Assignments
Maximum Points
·  A description of the program was not submitted,
·  A screenshot of the program execution was not submitted,
·  A copy of the program code was not submitted, or
·  A reflection of your programming experience was not submitted.
Program accomplishes requested operations per instructions
The code works and meets all assignment specifications
The code is organized and easy to follow and output is clear and clean
Uses software tools correctly and efficiently
Assignment Template
Program Description 

Program Code

Program Execution
< A screenshot of a successful compile>
< A screenshot of successful run>