Structural Mechanical CAE engineer interview assignment

The objective of this assignment is to understand the broad cross-functional thought process one needs to gothrough when working through how to execute a retrofit or upfit of an existing vehicle, to add a tray table that can

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be used with the vehicle moving.
The final submission should be no more than 6 pages and should cover:
1. A narrative covering the overall strategy for development with key considerations
2. List of key stakeholders and their specific role in this project
3. A program timeline showing key milestones along the development process
Problem Statement:
We are adding airline-like tray tables to a small fleet of vehicles. The original vehicle has 8 floor mounts that can
take 5kN of continual tensile load. These can be used to mount these tray tables.
We want to do this for 500-2500 vehicles a year as part of a retrofit plan to the original OEM vehicle on the left.
How would we strategically plan this development so we have a total product that meets cost and functional requirements.

1. Stakeholders:
a. Who would be the primary stakeholders across the company that need to be involved in defining
requirements and what specific questions do we need them to answer for you to develop this
2. Strategy:
a. What due diligence needs to be done on the existing tray table systems?
b. Should this be a factory change or a small fleet retrofit?
c. What cost benefit analysis should be done to support this?
d. How would we develop the HW (OTS vs carry over vs custom )
3. Engineering:
a. What design and manufacturing strategies can we explore to optimize this design?
b. What materials and lightweighting ideas can be used depending on the volumes?
c. What regulations do we need to be aware of? What reprieves exist for smaller volumes that we can
take advantage of?
4. Program:
a. Sketch out a rough timeline showing the high level key activities that are cross-functional and a
level deeper on the engineering work flows.
b. Show keep milestones/gates